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We say thank you for the cooperation

Since 1996 we have supervised numerous projects for corporations and large companies. A first overview of successfully completed projects and a selection of our partners can be found here.

Vattenfall Europe Berlin SG & Co. KG

IT-Security-Awareness Training for Managers


A company not only has to be well equipped technically against cyber attacks. The (often unintentional) misconduct by employees opens the door to hackers. We have trained them in relation to IT dangers so that their superiors can perform their role of scout.

The training is designed for managers from the middle to the highest level.


European Energy Company

Analysis and optimization of the principle of  least privilege (POLP) in the entire corporate infrastructure


In close cooperation with management, internal IT and the Security Operation Center, a team of 7 employees developed and implemeted the POLP for a customer. All of this happened over a period of 9 months remotely, multilingual and across national borders.

We set up processes and designed a procedure with which the customer could implement the necessary security measures without
to impair regular operations.

24/7 security operations

for the BMW Group


Step by step, cars are developing into moving computers. The key is being replaced by the smartphone, services can be booked and the digital workshop service is slowly becoming the standard.

The use of complex security systems and 24/7 security operations ensures that cyber risks are minimized and new, future-oriented opportunities are created.

Auto start console

Server Hardening

for Daimler AG


The Virtual Competence Team Server of Daimler AG, one of the largest German automobile manufacturers and operator of many heterogeneous data centers, was looking for a solution to more effectively secure (“harden”) all of their Windows server systems.
The solution to be created should be able to harden every server fully automatically at the push of a button according to standardized specifications and thus secure it against attacks by hackers.

Disaster Recovery (DR) planning and advice

for Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE GmbH


Disaster recovery refers to measures that are initiated in information technology after an emergency. This includes both data recovery and the replacement of infrastructures, hardware and organizations that are no longer usable.
With a disaster recovery plan, important systems are clearly better protected and secured against failures. The detailed documentation and the procedures recommended and tested by us in the event of a failure ensure that operations can be restored more quickly.

WebQuba – visual inspection of complex components in production

for globally active automotive group


WebQuBa is our slim, user-friendly solution for quality monitoring in the manufacturing process, developed on behalf of an automotive group. The aim was to increase the efficiency in production through the reliable and, for the user, clear mapping of complex quality features on several component levels.

The application created a central system, which replaced an outdated and maintenance-intensive procedure.

Development of a fully automated server deployment process

for Daimler AG


For the automated installation of hardened Windows server systems, we have implemented a very easy-to-use procedure for all Daimler AG locations.

The decisive advantages of this individual solution are the adaptability of the installation media to site-specific conditions and the simple, fully automatic and self-sufficient installation of each server system using a single command line.

Binary code and lock on detail pixellated screen - 3d render with selective focus

Oracle Hardening

for Daimler AG


The challenge for the major customer in Hamburg was to migrate all existing Oracle databases to the new version Oracle 12c. It was important to ensure that the new installations could be hardened according to the Hardening Guide.

Due to the successful combination of automatic and manual hardening, we were able to adjust the security level individually and thus create a basis for future customer-specific database hardening.

Technical Support of Relevant Vehicle Systems

for BMW Group


As our customer, the BMW Group, had already had good experience with the services we provided in the area of 24/7 Security Operations for four years, an enquiry was made to take over the technical support in the area of security-relevant vehicle systems. The customer wanted to be able to rely completely on the experts of CCVOSSEL regardingthe technical support of the vehicle-relevant systems for enquiries from all interest groups.

Design Of A Secure Active Directory Structure

for a Energy Company


Since the Active Directory is the heart of a company’s IT infrastructure, it was particularly important for us and our customer to consider all relevant aspects with a focus on IT security. A special requirement of our customer in the secure rebuild of all Active Directory domains was the design and implementation of the tier model.

This segments the different security areas (tiers) and secures them against being compromised. In addition to hardening the domain controllers, ourcustomer’s other requirements included securing the network traffic to the domain controller via LDAPS using a PKI infrastructure.

Central Server Hardening According to CIS Guidelines

for Stromnetz Berlin GmbH


Our client, Stromnetz Berlin GmbH, which we have already supported in setting up a data center and a secure Active Directory, asked CCVOSSEL to collaborate on server hardening. As a CIS partner, we collaborate closely with the customer to ensure that the requirements are met and that the systems function optimally.

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