Software Development

Software Development
– Your individual solution from the beginning to support

Many companies have such specific requirements for their software that tailor-made software development is the best option. Instead of several suboptimal solutions and their follow-up costs, you acquire exactly the software that you and your employees need.


CCVOSSEL is at your side with extensive experience throughout the entire development cycle. In close cooperation with you, we develop and test the new software for your company, train your employees and look after you long-term with our support.

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Software Development

Our focus in the area of software development are:


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Requirements elicitation

In a personal conversation, we will clarify your specific problem and any existing solutions. The aim of this appointment is to find the root of the problem and to present several proposed solutions.

Solution design

Building on this, we advise on how to proceed and work out a draft solution in dialogue. We identify the milestones, key features and possible obstacles. Then we can provide an estimate of the scope of the project. Our goal is the common definition of a minimum viable product.

Modern & agile


The development according to Scrum offers the possibility to react quickly to changing requirements due to the close cooperation between clients and the development team. Thanks to short feedback cycles, there are no surprises at the end of the project.


We rely on continuous integration and continuous delivery to provide your solution quickly, but also economically. Among other things, we rely on automated tests that guarantee consistently high quality and stability.



In the course of the project, we develop the roll-out strategy. We can offer solutions from simple provision to continuous deployment. There is extensive documentation for the application and, if the user group is large, we offer key user training courses.


We stand behind the solutions and also offer further support. The introduction of new software is a sensitive phase and good support is important – unexpected problems can arise in unknown environments and we make sure that we react to them particularly quickly.

Software solutions that work for your company


Tailor-made software that perfectly matches your requirements and your way of working increases efficiency and pays off. To ensure this, we work closely with you in the spirit of agile software development and divide the software programming process into numerous coordination steps.

This is how we work together to develop the best solution for your company.

Your benefit


Agile Software Development
Many companies have such specific needs that custom software development is the best option. In close cooperation, we develop and test the new software for your company and are happy to support you in the long term.

Care & support
We also support you and your employees in the daily handling and maintenance of your software.

Onshore Software Development

We rely on closeness. Onshore software development means that our team is located in Berlin and we do not outsource any orders to other countries


Sylwia Batashki

Team assistant

Your contact person

We are always there for you personally.

We are located in the heart of Berlin and this is exactly where you end up when you call us. In this way we can react quickly and easily to your concerns, from which we then work out solutions together.


When placing the order, you will be provided with a permanent contact person from the department who you can reach directly. This ensures clarity and makes it easier for both sides to provide support during the project and subsequent support.

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