Onshore software development

We do it from Berlin

We rely on closeness. Onshore software development means that our team is located in Berlin and we do not outsource any orders to other countries.


In the sense of the agile software development this makes working with you much easier. In addition, experience shows that the costs are ultimately comparable. And you always know where to find us.

Our onshore characteristics

  • Reliable, long-term company and employee structure
  • Easy communication with you, without time difference or language barriers
  • Holistic, close-knit support in the sense of agile software development
  • Fast response times thanks to uncomplicated processes
  • Well-coordinated team with experience even in complex projects

Your benefit

  • Trust: You know us and meetings are possible without long-haul flights
  • Understanding: Less irritation thanks to a common language and cultural background
  • Safety: Our contracts are concluded according to German law
  • Time saving: You can use your new software faster
  • Longevity: After the development we are happy to take over Training and support


Our services

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