IT Architecture

So that your IT is well set up


We help your company to set up the IT infrastructure. To meet today’s demands in the business world, you need a smoothly functioning network of servers, clients and machines. Together with you and your IT Department, we will find the best solutions for your requirements:


When it comes to your IT Infrastructure, you can rely on us all round. Our service includes analysis, IT consulting, implementation and support of entire data centers as well as individual components. In all projects, we attach great importance to a fast, reliable IT infrastructure that optimally meets your specific requirements and work processes.

Maciej Golik

Infrastructure & Enterprise

24/7 secure operations by security-checked admins


In this way, we can ensure the fastest possible error detection and elimination in business-critical IT infrastructure for our customers. Our 24/7 Virtual Expert Service Desk is staffed around the clock and offers direct access to IT technicians. Our team monitors your systems and reacts to malfunctions within 15 minutes.
With our concept, we go beyond a purely comprehensive service desk and offer a direct line to those responsible for incident, change, problem and release management. In this way, most malfunctions can be rectified in the first instance.

Michael Barnett

Secure Operations

Our focus in the field of IT architecture are:


Infrastructure service CCVossel
Server operation in corporate environments

We ensure the flawless operation of your systems, regardless of whether it is email, data backup or ongoing productions. As an IT service provider, we oversee ongoing server infrastructures and migrations to new or different systems. In doing so, we pay attention to current best practice solutions in the area of IT Security. We basically install and hand over servers and databases only in a “hardened” manner. Please feel free to contact us for details.

Monitoring, Backup

Monitoring is used to control your systems. Defined tests can be used to detect abnormalities caused by defective hardware at an early stage, for example, or to monitor automated production processes. As part of our system monitoring, we monitor your systems and ensure that there are no failures. Regular reports inform you and us about the monitoring.

We secure your data with backups. By backing up your data on a daily basis, even a fire cannot destroy your data.

And if there should be a fire, we are able to rebuild destroyed infrastructures without any problems and to import a backup. For this purpose, we work with you to develop a disaster recovery concept and integrate regular activities into your business processes so that you can prevent a system failure. Should a system failure nevertheless occur, you are protected on the basis of the disaster recovery plan and can take the necessary steps.

Server Deployment

We have specialized in the field of server deployment in corporations for many years. We have developed a procedure to install Microsoft Windows Server uniformly and hardened, fully automatically and to take it over into operation. The procedure is based on the tools MDT and SCCM from Microsoft. A leading German automobile manufacturer uses the process to install all Windows servers worldwide securely and in a standardized manner. The process can be transferred to your company in a modular fashion and, if necessary, also used for client deployments.


Service Cloud CCVossel
Public / Private / Hybrid Clouds

Massive cost savings and high scalability make the use of cloud solutions indispensable. The costly maintenance of your own IT systems, but also the protection against cyber attacks, require a lot of effort, which can be taken over by a cloud provider much more efficiently and cost-effectively.

We help you to choose the right cloud solution for your company. In an advisory capacity, we create concepts and feasibility studies with cost estimates. For large companies, we also offer advice on setting up their own private cloud solutions (e.g. Azure Stack, OpenStack) that are operated in your data center or with a third-party provider.

Migration Strategies

After your decision to move selected IT systems to the cloud, our cloud experts create migration concepts to transfer these IT systems to the cloud solution you want (e.g. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft 365 / Office 365, OpenStack, etc.). For the implementation of the concepts, we can also take over the project management and the operational implementation of the migration on request. Our support is rounded off by individual coaching for dealing with the new cloud solutions for your IT staff.

Container Technologies

Containerized applications are on the rise. Particularly high demands on portability, scalability and high availability can be implemented very efficiently with containers.
The portability is already visible during development, since every application created by the developer can be put into operation directly (without adjustments) and without an installation routine on a productive customer system. Migrating a container to the cloud is just as easy. Scalability and high availability are made possible by sophisticated orchestration tools. We support you in containerizing your Windows or Linux applications, in setting up container infrastructures and in orchestration.

Environmental Management

Environmental Information Systems

Environmental information systems are diverse: from energy to entire building management systems, there are a wide variety of requirements and complexities.

We operate in the corporate environment and specialize in acting as an interface between users, manufacturers and corporate IT. Here we bring the most diverse approaches to a common denominator, in order to either look after your system or carry out migration projects.


Waste management is a special case of environmental information systems. In addition to group-wide support for waste management software in a data center, cross-plant standards for processes, peripheral devices, other additional software and compliance with legal requirements also play a role.

Our experts can help you at this point to look after these interdisciplinary subject areas.

Interface Adaptation

Environmental information systems have interfaces to other IT systems. For example SAP, trucks, logistics systems, etc. Our experts are available to standardize, monitor or redevelop these interfaces.


Environmental protection and occupational safety go hand in hand in production. We help you to comply with occupational safety, be it through advice, support during inspections or software support. Just talk to us!

Comprehensive and diversified:

Our business solutions offer

We are your all-round competent contact. Our consulting spectrum ranges from data migration to security issues, Software development , Server operation and support in corporate environments, setting up new infrastructures through to error analyzes, reports, cloud solutions, Business intelligence and automatic system self-monitoring.

In short: actually all relevant IT topics.

Support down to the last detail

Our business solutions include advice and implementation. What starts with analyzing your requirements ends with them being met. That the new infrastructure is in place, your system warns you before the storage space is running out and you receive daily updated data on your quantity production. Of course, we are happy to continue to look after you and your team.

Your benefit

We set up your IT in an intelligent, stable and secure manner.

Data Evaluation
Turn information into an information advantage.

Your system will self-check for more efficient maintenance.

MS Azure, Amazon Web Services or would you prefer your own cloud with OpenStack? We help with decision making and implementation.

Automate tasks and save costs in the process

offers reliability, cost-effective redundancies and optimal hardware utilization


Sylwia Batashki

Team Assistant

Your contact person

We are always there for you personally.

We are located in the heart of Berlin and this is exactly where you end up when you call us. In this way we can react quickly and easily to your concerns, from which we then work out solutions together.


When placing the order, you will be provided with a permanent contact person from the department who you can reach directly. This ensures clarity and makes it easier for both sides to provide support during the project and subsequent support.