As a cloud enabler, we are deeply concerned with the topic.

In the age of digitization, it is hard to imagine operating your IT infrastructure without the cloud. Our focus is important:

We do not bring you haphazardly into the cloud, but look individually to see which business area, which task or similar can be optimized by a cloud solution.

Service Cloud CCVossel

The advantages of cloud computing are versatile and omnipresent:

  • Saving of investments for services that are only rented in the cloud.
  • No long-term capital commitment, simple and extremely fast scalability.
  • Clearly calculable monthly costs.
  • A clearly defined SLA is used to transfer risk from your own company to the cloud.
  • Different locations can be connected to the company’s resources at low cost.
  • Ease of work for your own IT staff.
  • Higher reliability of the hardware in the cloud through more powerful UPS, redundancy, access protection, etc.
  • Protection of your data by certified data centers (according to BSI basic protection, all national and European data protection guidelines)

We bring you safely to the cloud

Through our experience, we bring you and your company safely into the cloud. If you would like to use existing solutions such as Azure or AWS, we will bring you to the cloud.

If, on the other hand, you would like to set up your own cloud, we offer you OpenStack as a solution so that you have your on-premise solution with you in the data center.

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