Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence – and data becomes knowledge

With our data evaluation you can find out more about your company: it collects and searches for intelligently linked information in a targeted manner. So you get z. B. the daily error rate of your production or trend analyzes of the buying behavior of your customers. The possibilities of data evaluation are almost unlimited – we will be happy to advise you.

Sebastian Grecke

Business Intelligence

Our main areas of business intelligence are:


As-Is Analysis

We carry out an analysis of the system architecture. We consider which data processing components work with each other and identify areas that can potentially be optimized.

Goal Definition

This is where the conception of a high-performance system architecture takes place, which is tailored to the company and the data size that has to be processed on a daily basis.


Data evaluation service - CCVossel
DB Optimization

You can work better with properly prepared data. The aim here is a restructuring of databases (e.g. self-explanatory attribute names and redesign of the database tables) and normalization of the data (duplicate reduction)

DB Conception

We accompany the selection and construction of the right database system for your company and design the database architecture according to the number of users, the data volume, etc., tailored to your needs.

Interfaces (ETL, API)

With the right interfaces, we merge data from different data sources in a homogenized / standardized way in a data warehouse in order to guarantee a complete overview.


Data mining
Data Quality

A high data quality guarantees the quality of your results. According to the principle: garbage in, garbage out. Early and regular quality examinations can reduce a major accumulating effort. Duplicate reduction, semantic or syntactic examinations / corrections are some of the measures.


Graphic diagrams, list reports or entire dashboards. Automatically generated reports, which are available 24/7, give you the current level of performance (an overview) of your company (success).


Several reports in one dashboard give you an overview.

Our Services

  • IT consulting and analysis of your specific data evaluation needs
  • Software development or expansion of programs such as B. Microsoft Excel
  • Database programming for the targeted collection of information
  • Automation of your data evaluation

Your Profit

Information advantage:
You have data that nobody else has

Offer optimization:
You know more about the needs of your customers and your company and can react accordingly

You can make better decisions on the basis of reliable data

Collect targeted data and compare it with that of your competitors

Data evaluation makes numerous processes easier to check


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Team assistant

Your contact person

We are always there for you personally.

We are located in the heart of Berlin and this is exactly where you end up when you call us. In this way we can react quickly and easily to your concerns, from which we then work out solutions together.


When placing the order, you will be provided with a permanent contact person from the department who you can reach directly. This ensures clarity and makes it easier for both sides to provide support during the project and subsequent support.

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