Software interfaces

We offer new possibilities for you and your software

Would you like to simply feed data from one program into another instead of having to transfer it by hand? Or would you like to combine the advantages of two programs? If you think beyond the capabilities of your software, we will help you realize that vision. This is because interfaces are created in all programs, which can be used to connect to other programs. We are dependent on the existing interfaces – but we use all possibilities to realize your ideas.

A small selection of software interfaces that we can offer

Every program has several interfaces. Here are a few of the most important examples. If your desired interface that is not available, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • SOAP, the most popular interface, for example, to access SAP
  • REST, an important interface for online applications such as web shops, booking systems, social networks and search engines
  • JAVA RMI, an interface through which functions can be used on another computer
  • COM, an important Microsoft interface that provides you with many options
  • GDT/BDT Medizinmedicine, two interfaces through which data can be transferred between medical devices and external programs
  • DATEV-Schnittstellen interfaces, via which you can, for example, import master data
  • Notes-Schnittstelle that lets you exchange data between Lotus Notes and other programs

Your benefit

    We tailor your software exactly to your wishes and requirements

  • Time savings: By using intelligent software interfaces, you can shorten or save unnecessary, time-consuming work
  • Cost-effectiveness: AInstead of testing new software, investing and investing time, you will get the right solutions for your existing software
  • Ease of use: You and your employees continue to use the programs you already used to
  • Motivation: You and your employees can devote themselves to important challenges, rather than to interfere with badly interrelated software

Practical examples from our references

  • Lotus Notes to SQL  – Using an ODBC driver, complex data from Lotus Notes was migrated to another database system
  • PrintLog  – Connects multiple programs across different interfaces to ensure their smooth collaboration in the time-critical workplace of printers
  • Medinizer – A program for the management and distribution of drug substitutes, which uses interfaces such as GDT and BDT to exchange patient data with a wide variety of practical programs