Office Automation

We Let Microsoft Office Work for You

Boring, routine chores are now carried out by your ‘Computerised Colleague’. Behind the term Office Automation, lie small Microsoft Office programs. These can, for example, carry out specific formatting, such as the insertion of names into letters. Or they can bring data from different sources together into a single Excel document. It is up to you, what Office Automation contains  – even customised menu items are possible.

Our Services

  • Consultation for your specific needs or the general possibilities of the Office Automation
  • Development of desired Office Automation e.g. for routine tasks
  • Development of new Office functions with customised user interface

Your Benefits

  • Time Saving: routine chores take care of themselves
  • Motivation: your staff can focus on more challenging tasks
  • Quality: Reduced margin of error, simplified verifiability
  • Ease of use: Seamless integration into the familiar Office programs
  • Consistency: The overall appearance of documents can also be controlled