Care & Support

There for you even after the software development

CCVOSSEL - Betreuung und SupportYou can count on us for the long run. Whether you would like us to train your staff in the use of the newly developed software, offer support or provide regular updates – we will always be there for you. With pre-arranged support, or simply on an on-call basis, we ensure you the continuous optimal use of your software.

Our services

  • Training your staff to use the software we develop
  • Regular maintenance, reliable service and support
  • Updates, development and integration of additional functions
  • Adjustments, for example to changing production conditions

Your benefits

  • Knowledge: We know each other, the program and your needs. This reduces the training time and prevents misunderstandings
  • Security: We are committed to the long-term viability of our solutions
  • Stringency: Software development, care and support from a single source
  • Flexibility: As developers, we customise the software to understand you, not the other way around
  • Pragmatic: We can quickly update your software when new situations arise

Examples of our care and support

  • Planning Board – We are continuously improving our project-management tool with new features.
  • Production-Related IT – Care and support with very fast response times minimises production downtime.
  • Spare Parts Management – After software development, we also provide IT services for our customers.