Agile Software Development

We have developed this approach for ourselves

Quellcode eines CompiuterprogrammsCCVOSSEL had already separated itself from the usual software development requirements and performance specifications early on. Instead, we began to work closely with our clients, step by step, from the basic idea to the development of detailed functions. To our surprise, this approach has a recognised name: agile software development.

Our work process

  • In the first conversation, we work out the basic idea of the software to be developed together
  • We then create the first implementation
  • In close consultation with you and your team, we refine, modify and expand this in several steps to create your ideal software
  • We remain flexible throughout, because experience shows that many important ideas emerge during this process
  • When you are satisfied, we put the software through its paces – so that you also stay satisfied

Your benefits

  • Control: You are involved and guide the process accordingly
  • Understanding: Optimal, mutual understanding through ongoing discussions
  • Information: You are always kept up to date on the latest project status
  • Flexibility: We can easily incorporate changes and additional ideas
  • Practicality: Your software meets the needs of you and your team
  • Speed: Frequent consultation ensure that you reach the best solution effectively
  • Nearby: Thanks to our onshore software development, it is easy to reach us

Examples of our flexible software development