SMS Passcode

SMS Passcode

The Challenge – Secure Access to the Corporate Network

Our client has many employees who access the company network from outside. Because the data, emails and calendar contain sensitive information, they would like to make this access more secure.

Our Software Solution – Password via SMS

We have recommended and set up the login process using SMS Passcode for our client. With this, the network login is secured in two stages. After entering the password, the employee will receive an SMS with a code to their mobile phone. Only then do they have access to the network. Each code is only valid for one session on the computer from which the first application occurred.

It’s quick and easy to arrange additional SMS Passcode access: the mobile phone number of a new employee is added and already it is possible to access the service.

Technology and Programs Used

  • Microsoft Server 2008 R2
  • NETGEAR ProSecure UTM 50
  • SMS Passcode 6.0

Find a brochure with further information on SMS Passcode here: Datenblatt