Print Log


The Challenge – Software for the Printers

The daily routine at the printers consists of numerous processes with deadlines as well as constantly changing conditions. The following list gives a little insight into these demands:

  • A large number of jobs with a variety of product specifications
  • Large orders of newspaper supplements with extensive shipping distributors
  • Various internal and / or external subsequent processing steps
  • Temporary storage of pallets with products on premises
  • Changes to the number of orders even after order placement
  • Changes to the mailing list even during production
  • Overview of the current order status
  • Overview of the production steps and locating of the pallets on the factory floor
  • Preparation and printing of the pallet labels and delivery notes
  • Verification of delivery to the shipper
  • Impending penalties for non-compliance with delivery deadlines

Our Software Solution

We have adjusted our PrintLog software specifically to the needs of printers. This way, all work processes are optimised. The PrintLog’s range of capabilities includes:

  • Assistance in data collection and management of mailing lists
  • Creation of distribution lists and pallet labels during the production process
  • Creation of the delivery documents for the shipment
  • Wizard-assisted import of data provided by the customer.
  • Unified distribution lists for production
  • Integration into the production-monitoring systems via the intranet
  • Creation of pallet labels with barcodes during the production process
  • Automatic evaluation of the current production status
  • Checking of current palette location by electronic tracking

Technology and Programs Used

  • Microsoft .NET-Framework with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Windows Forms
  • DevExpress Tools
  • NHibernate
  • BarCodeScanner e.g. from LXE
  • Subversion with TortoiseSVN