Lotus Notes to SQL

Lotus Notes to SQL

The Challenge – Lotus Notes to SQL

In the near future, Lotus Notes will be replaced as a document-oriented database system for our customers. This also applies to the ATnotes task and project management system. For the smooth running of day-to-day work, these data must maintain their complex relationships with one another and remain accessible.

Our Software Solution

After thorough analysis, and close cooperation with our customers, we have developed a software which successfully migrates the data you need. Our development is specially tailored to the architecture of the present ATnotes database.

Particular emphasis was placed on the structure of the data in relationship to one another, and to keep this when converting from a document-oriented database system to a relational database system.

Technology and Programs Used

  • Microsoft .NET-Framework with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Windows Forms
  • Notes SQL Driver 8.5.1
  • Lotus Notes (version 6-8)
  • Lotus Notes Domino Application Library