Our Partners

Working Better, Together

We do not work alone but with our partners to provide the best solution for you. Thus, we integrate selected, approved components in our software development, so we do not reinvent the wheel at your expense. Our partner Microsoft also guarantees us a head start in know-how and ensures that our software is up to date.

We Are a Certified Microsoft Silver Partner

With our silver certifications, we belong to the top 5% of all Microsoft partners worldwide. As such, we receive special support from Microsoft. Amongst other things, we get the latest programs and updates before they are released. This way, by the time the product is launched, we are already well acquainted with it and can immediately prepare updates to our software.

We Develop Faster with DevExpress

The Californian company DevExpress supports our software development through several program components. The company which is specialised in developing, is our hardware store, so to speak. Thus we can implement reliable, highly complex applications quickly and efficiently.

We Guard and Monitor Your Network with Paessler

Paessler AG specialises in network-monitoring software and does an excellent job. Therefore, we incorporate their products for our customers and are an accredited partner of this global company.

SMS Passcode Provides Even More Safety

We use this service ourselves, and not without reason. When employees log in from outside the corporate network, SMS Passcode acts as a digital security barrier. It sends an access code by SMS to the registered mobile number. Only after entering this code can the user access the network. We can not recommend it highly enough.