Office 365

Cloud Applications from Microsoft

tile_ofc365_v_rgb1Everyone is talking about the cloud. It makes working together easier in that it allows employees to access your data from anywhere. We advise, that you rely on professional cloud applications providers, whose services are optimally suited to the programs that you use. That is why we recommend Office 365.

To Be Used As and When You Need It

Office 365 is so flexible, you only have to use it when you need it. For example by allowing external employees to access data in the cloud, rather than on your server. Or by renting the licences for rarely used software, instead of buying them. We are happy to advise you on whether Office 365 is worthwhile for you.

Office 365 Offers Round the Clock Data Security

The Microsoft cloud keeps your data safe. Because Microsoft continuously monitors its servers, it can anticipate attacks and malicious software. In addition, the data is saved to two separate locations in Europe. With Office 365, your data is better protected from incidents such as fire or theft than they would be on your own server.

Information Directly from the Manufacturer

Our partner Microsoft has provided the following details about Office 365, which we include here with confidence.