Stress-free information security! But how?

Passwords, the handling of sensitive data, contact with mobile data carriers – all this demands daily concentration. But also well beeing at work, environmentally conscious behavior must not be forgotten. Your attention and criticism is required. Trustworthiness and thoughtlessness, however, disable any technical protection if you do not remain mindful.

What can help to accomplish these tasks more easily?

Predefined processes  and methoden for your information security are the basis for every security concept. Awareness can be trained. What kind of e-mails are okay to open, where do you report security incidents, who is the person to contact? Step by step, the procedures must be compliant to. After a thorough risk analysis, technical methods should be included in the safety concept.
In addition to solutions such as Next Generation Firewalls, virus scanners and authorization systems, there is great potential for more protection. For large companies, so-called compliance checkers, which show administrative rights within the company, were developed.
The software CCAWARE, was awarded in the IT Security category by the Innovation Prize IT of the SME Initiative, offers a simple tool to secure awareness within the company. The constantly changing and predefined messages on sensitive topics contribute significantly to the companies security.

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