IT security protects your entire enterprise

Cybercrime is one of the most frequently underestimated corporate risks. By implementing a multi-level security, you can ensure that your employees, servers, and IT structures are better protected against trojans, viruses, spyware, hackers, and other attacks.
The greatest security gaps are experienced in everyday work. This is why CCVOSSEL is specialized in this area – in terms of analysis, recommendations for action and safety measures.

Our services

  • Individual advice on existing and potential safety risks
  • Analysis of your IT infrastructure regarding acute safety risks
  • Development of recommendations for you to maximize your IT security
  • Implementation of safety measures, even during ongoing production operations
  • Training your employees in the safe handling of data and user accounts
  • Definition of the necessary organizational and technical measures

Your benefit

  • Experience: You benefit from our routine in IT security for large companies
  • Efficiency: Schnelle Ergebnisse dank CCVOSSEL-exklusiver Tools und Diagnoseprogramme
  • Practicality: You will receive practical solutions that ensure safety during your work day
  • Know-how: employee training ensures the transfer of knowledge from us to you
  • Productivity: The safety measures are also implemented during operation

This is how we ensure IT security

Referenz Sicherheit – IT-Sicherheit für über 800 Server, unser Vorgehen am Beispiel und ein Videointerview
CCAWARE – Our free tool for a time-saving, entertaining employee awareness training