Planning Board

The Resource for Your Resource Planning

At the beginning, there was a classic magnetic board. And a customer who wanted a software equivalent. This developed into a comprehensive resource-planning tool, which we are continually enhancing. Meanwhile, a self-contained software has emerged from it. We call it CCGROM. GROM is an acronym for Get Rid Of Magnets!

With the graphical representation of CCGROM, employees, tools, contact details, deadlines and much more can be quickly and clearly planned (and it’s fun too!).

Our Planning Board Offers:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simple representation of complex connections
  • Integration of additional information, such as contact data
  • Data analysis such as automatic billing
  • Additional features such as GPS connection
  • Individual customisation to your specific needs

Your Benefits

  • Overview: Allows you to see the current plan at a single glance
  • Abundance of Information: contact information, maps and much more can be stored easily
  • Easy to Understand: Project operations are translated into numbers via data analysis
  • Efficiency: The overview simplifies the appropriate use of resources
  • Customisation: You can adapt CCGROM to perfectly suit your company

Would You Like to Know More?

  • Find the software online at¬†(Website in German Language)
  • Contact us and we will gladly introduce you to CCGROM personally.