Outlook Mailbox Management

Flexibility Made Easy

Our Outlook Mailbox Management greatly simplifies adding new mailboxes. There are many cases where this is useful: a staff member attending to the mails of an absent colleague for a few days. Or a person working in different departments with different email addresses. With our program, your administrator can assign a new mailbox to its recipient in just a few clicks. The efficiency of this process makes it easier for you and your employees to use this practical feature more frequently.

 Our Outlook Mailbox Management Offers:

  • Automatic addition of extra mailboxes in Outlook
  • Minimal effort for your administrator
  • Uncomplicated application and integration into the existing system

Your Benefits

  • Accessibility: By receiving all mail directly to one inbox, it can be answered more quickly
  • Relief: Your employees do not have to get to know Outlook’s settings
  • Efficiency: It is easy to make the most of Outlook’s features
  • Economy: Your administrator can solve problems in just a few clicks, saving employees time
  • Clarity: Mails remain assigned to their initial recipient

Would You Like to Know More?

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