IT Products

From Projects to IT Products

PlanungstafelSome results just keep on growing. Some of our projects produced software which was not only of interest to our contractors. Examples include our uncomplicated spare parts management and our intuitive, easy-to-use planning board. In agreement with our initial customers, we now offer them to you as IT products.

Developed for the Real World

Our IT products are the result of specific orders for specific requirements. Due to the close working relationship we have with our customers, we have developed and improved our software in an ongoing field test. So we learned, for example, that in the case of spare parts management, easy handling is the most important factor for success.

…and Can be Tailored to the Individual

As developers, we can perfectly adapt our IT products to you. Say you have your own intentions for our planning board. We will gladly tailor it to fit your terms, work processes and needs. We can decide together which features could further simplify your daily tasks.

May We Introduce?

  • Spare parts management – with 2 clicks your spare-parts inventory and your staff are always up to date.
  • Planning board – A powerful project-management program, as intuitive to use as a magnetic board.
  • PrintLog – Software that we have developed for highly complex everyday printing.
  • System monitoring – We let your system monitor itself, and intervene if it needs help.