Corporate philosophy

Living conviction begins with the management, not with the employees

It is likely that every entrepreneur wants a good cooperation with his team and a partnership with his customers. From experience, we know – and especially Carsten Christian Vossel knows that: Only if this desire is the basis of all action it can become true. For his realization requires honesty, willingness to talk, openness to questions and criticism, the ability to learn as a managing director and the will to involve all parties involved. Not just once, but permanently. And it works.

“CCVOSSEL is proof that a business can be successful with and because of fairness, honesty, respect and trust among each other.”

Carsten Christian Vossel, managing director and owner


Our Code of Conduct: We want CCVOSSEL to be a fair, successful company.

A company whose Team is distinguished by a wide range of personalities and genuine coexistence. In which the manager scan tolerate praise as well as criticism and can be addressed to both at any time. It is clear that everyone has his job and responsibilities, and his work is valued.

A company that the Customers trust and with whom they like to  work together. To which they also give tasks, which are not daily routine, but in which we can develop something new. Because we are a great team, because we do not lie to them, and of course because they know that we are professionals.

A company in which we also find the best solutions for ourselves. For example, how young fathers can spend more time with their family. How we most effective relieve the environment. How we can solve conflicts, that happen even in the best teams. How CCVOSSEL grow, but can preserve its peculiarities.

A company that makes partner partners out of competitors and thereby wins customers rather than fighting for them. To build a wide network, because it is a pleasure to exchange – with other companies, politicians, artists, scientists, environmentalists, start-ups, … And that stands out as it is, like it is.