Monitoring Software

How your IT monitors itself

Monitoring software is a means to control your system. Well-defined tests can, for example, detect incidents early on such as abnormalities caused by faulty hardware, monitor automated-production processes or determine the remaining space on your hard drive. You will receive notification either by SMS or email and can act quickly. In the context of our system monitoring we will also gladly support you. Our binding offers can be found here.

Our services

  • Analysis of as well as IT consultation on your individual needs and options
  • Recommendation and necessary development or adaptation of the appropriate tests for you
  • IT training as well as IT support for the everyday use of your monitoring software
  • Monitoring of your system and, if necessary, immediate troubleshooting all part of our system monitoring from 3 €/ day

Your benefits

  • Transparency: You know what is happening in your system
  • Room for manoeuvre: You can actively take control, instead of just reacting
  • Speed: On request, important error messages can be received by SMS or email
  • Efficiency: Early error detection means less downtime, for example in production
  • Stability: Your system is continuously checked by the monitoring software

Examples of our Monitoring software

  • Constant review minimizes downtimes and the dreaded domino effect.
  • Server care – We ensure the smooth operation of a 150-server environment.